Fahi Dhiriulhun Cooperation (FDC) signed an MOU with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment under the National Apprenticeship Program to provide the youth of the Maldives with the opportunity to gain the required knowledge and field experience. Senior officials from both FDC and the Ministry participated in this ceremony that took place at the FDC office. 

Managing Director Ms. Salfiyya Anwar signed the MOU on behalf of FDC and Minister of State for Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Mr. Hussain Ismail signed on behalf of the Ministry. 

The National Apprenticeship Program is designed to create opportunities for youth to participate and learn a skill from experienced supervisors while gaining practical knowledge in the field. FDC will run this program for a duration of 6 months during which10 construction officers will be trained. Those who complete the program will be awarded a certificate equivalent to MNQF level 3. The opportunity to participate in this program will be made available soon. 

Speaking at this ceremony, State Minister Mr. Hussain Ismail highlighted that the main aim of the program is to provide the youth with training opportunities. Managing Director Ms. Salfiyya Anwar highlighted that FDC will be providing full support to the Ministry to ensure the successful execution of this program. Through this program, FDC aims to increase training opportunities in the construction field with the hope that in the future the construction industry of Maldives will be led by more Maldivian experts.